Laminated flexible packaging materials.

It is used in food packaging, electronic parts packaging, medical packaging, high temperature resistant cooking materials and other products.

Used in car body coating, printing materials and coating process, etc.

Used in screen protection film, heat-insulating paper substrate, diffusion film and other materials used in optical processes.

Based on years of experience in packaging materials sales, combined with the market's demands for environmental protection, plastic reduction (reduction of packaging materials, replacement with functional materials), dealuminization (reduction of aluminum foil consumption), recyclability, digital printing technology and other possible developing methods to provide more customized products.

Scope of application: food, aesthetic medicine , biotechnology, pet food, industrial materials, electronics and other industrial uses.

In recent years, major European and American factories have advocated the environmental protection requirements of "plastic reduction, decomposability, and recyclability". With the advancement of industrial materials, our company currently also provides environmental friendly and functional materials in various fields to satisfy customers' diversified needs.