Environmental friendly recycled materials

Recycle PET

PET film is a very stable material in printing, laminating and coating.  In response to environmental demands in the market, GRS-certified recycled ester pellets have been added to the PET process to achieve a balance between reducing the use of raw materials and environmental friendly recycled ester pellets, which provide fairly stable products and physical properties.

Thickness: 12u ~ 100u

Application: Adhesive tape, packaging material, printing, garment use.

Recycle PET Resin

PET material has the highest recycling rate among all plastics (up to 30-85%). Therefore, it has become highly desirable for this particular property.  At present, bottle flakes that meet the international GRS certification have been obtained and made into PET environmentally friendly ester pellets. The PET bottle body made by this material has a carbon footprint much smaller than that of glass bottles. In today's most stressing environmental issues: reducing carbon emissions, reducing plastics.  Under the demands of more recycled plastics, the future of environmental friendly ester pellets is an unavoidable choice.

Application: for beverage bottles, textile fiber