Digital printing bag


The use of digital printing can have the quality of gravure printing  but the production volume is relatively much smaller. So lowering the customer's procurement threshold and facilitating the production of various products in a small amount. It is easier for customers to evaluate the market after sales  thereby reducing waste and promoting.

Flexo printing bag


Flexographic printing is mainly based on water-based printing inks. In the past, traditional inks had to be added with solvents but water-based printing inks used water to replace solvents. So it can reduce the emission of pollution in the manufacturing process and also avoid the organic solvents remaining in the packaging materials then affecting food. The future of flexographic printing is in line with the trend of green packaging materials advocated by European and American countries.


Gravure printing bag


Gravure printing provides services with exquisite printing effects and stable quality. There are also various styles of bag type selection, functional materials (antistatic, easy  tear )  and toluene-free ink selection, etc.

In addition to both aesthetics and special functionality so that products can reach consumers in the best condition.