HGPP is an OPP film for special industries  mainly without added anti-static agent. So the surface bleed component is very low, the appearance surface is improved , the fish eye condition is 99% lower than the general OPP film and the unique surface activity of the PP film is low It can be used as release film without coating release. The surface can also be adjusted according to the needs of high smoothness or matte effect.

Model: E-201F, FG-201, MA-411, etc.

Thickness: 5u~50u.

Application: Various engineering release.

Release(Isolated) film

Based on PET film, according to the adhesiveness and viscosity of the customer's product, it is coated with the appropriate formula. It can also be roughened on the surface of the PET. The roughened release(isolated) film made can allow the customer's product to be matted which performed.

Model: silicone-based, non-silicon, fluorine release film and  atomization treatment film.

Thickness: 12u~188u.

Application: Release film for tape, protective film,  stamping process, matting transfer, etc.

PET film

Industrial PET is divided into two types.

1.Original film type: mainly has good size stability, low turbidity, good surface adhesion, low heat shrinkage performance, etc.

Model: G, T, H.

2.Chemical film type: with antistatic coating, corresponding to various types easy-to-adhesive coating of adhesive system, development of coatings to meet specific customer needs.

Model: CA, CH, CX, etc.

Thickness: 15u~250u.

Application: Adhesive tape, release film, transfer, printing, thermal insulation paper, antistatic function, hardened film, matte film.


VM-PET is a metal layer coated on PET by vacuum evaporation technology. It has good metallic luster, barrier property and can also be used with a variety of colors.

Model: fully coated, various colored metal films.

Thickness: 12u~188u.

Application: Glitter powder, gold and silver wire, inscription plate, stationery tape.