BOPET film is a bi oriented polyester film with good chemical and dimensional stability, high light transmittance, electrical insulation and good surface adhesion.

Model: P, G, T Type.

Thickness: 12um~75um.

Application: Printing, laminating.

Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is the best packaging material in terms of gas barrier, water barrier and light barrier. According to its barrier performance, it can effectively extend the shelf life of the packaging content.

Model: Alloy 1235.

Thickness: 5.9um.

Application: Laminating.


VM PET is a vapor-deposited aluminum PET film which has the water and gas barrier properties of vapor-deposited aluminum and has a metal texture, good printability and laminating processability. The deposition thickness can also be adjusted according to customer needs to achieve see-through or opaque function

Model: 100 Afully coating, 500Afully coating, half coating (the plating range can be set according to customer needs).

Thickness: 12u~75u.

Application: Food packaging bags, electronic packaging bags.

Transparent plating film IB-Film

IB film is a combination of vacuum coating technology and wet technology to develop a film with high transparency and strong barrier performance.

Features: High degree of oxygen/water vapor barrier and fragrance retention, microwave heating, metal detector can be used, no harmful gases are generated during combustion, good buckling resistance, barrier to heat sealing and stretching Less degradation.


Thickness: PET substrate 12u, Nylon substrate 15u.

Applications: Dry food, snacks, products that are easily humid, medical and electronic components, high-temperature cooking bags, spice bags.