Other materials

High Barrier VM OPP

OPP film is a common choice for printing packaging materials. Generally, the gas and water barrier effect of OPP is quite limited and the electroplating adhesion is less adequate.  In recent years, with the continuous improvement of environmental protection awareness, the development of various environmental protection materials has replaced the traditional ones.  Meanwhile, the end market has begun to require packaging materials to be homogeneous so as to be recyclable. Therefore, high barrier and high barrier electroplating OPP materials were heavily used for such purposes.

Thickness: 17u

 Application: Laminating bag making


PE film mainly plays the role of the heat-sealing layer in the packaging material structure. It does lack of transparency and its printability is less desirable. Therefore, it is less often selected on the printing layer.  In response to current customers' requirements for the recyclability of homogeneous materials, MDOPE's high transparency, good printability, rigidity and heat resistance characters have much better met the printing layer of the packaging material structural requirements.

Thickness: 25u

 Application: Printing and lamination.