Decomposable materials

High Barrier MST

MST is made from wood pulp, and its characteristics include easy tearing, printing adaptability and biodegradable.  "High barrier MST" is the product of increasing high barrier properties from the basic MST, and it is also one of the indispensable materials in reducing marine plastic pollution.

Thickness: 23u

Application: printing, laminating



PLA Film

PLA film is a film made by polymerizing corn starch. Its biodegradable effect is getting increasing attention from the market.  In the past, it was mainly used as a molding material such as cold beverage cups and lids, but now it has advanced to film applications.  In addition to improving the shortcomings of high turbidity in the past, and increasing its heat-sealability, antistatic effects, etc., This film is excellent in food packaging materials and tape applications.  Thickness: 15~50u

Application: printing, gluing, bag making